We are fast, adapt to your module needs and are focused ONLY on lighting!

Rapid development process

  • New prototypes in only four weeks from approved electrical drawings (Gerbers), yearly quantity forecast and AC cost estimate

Flexible production capabilities

  • Small module production orders a specialty!
    • We will produce and ship as few as 100 pieces of your custom module, in only 48 hours, when we have components in house!

Multiple module design options

  • Various PCB Materials, Screen Printing (including on our 4-foot modules), Conformal Coatings, Thermal Taping, Inkjet Printing, and many other options available!
    • See our FAQ page for more details – (link below)

Dedicated, Texas-based module customer service and technical support personnel

  • Call us weekdays between 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM Central time – we’re here!


  • Prototypes in four weeks from final approval of module design, receipt of quantity forecast, and AC cost estimate


  • State-of-the-art LED module assembly line located in Arlington, Texas

Quality Control – 110% inspection.

  • 100% test of every module on assembly line.
  • Additional test of 10% of all finished module production in a separate, in-house testing area.

It works when you get it and we warrantee it for 5-Years!

We Want to be Your USA-Based Custom LED Module Partner!
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