Who is AC Electronics?

We are a Texas-Based lighting company and have been a trusted manufacturing supplier to some of the largest OEM’s the lighting industry since 1996.  We design and manufacture LED Modules, LED Drivers, LED Emergency Drivers, and other lighting-related products.   We began in-house SMT assembly of lighting components in 2014 and currently supply LED Modules and

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What is the warranty on “48/50” LED modules?

We have a 5-year, USA-backed warranty. To ensure that the modules work every time you get them we perform 110% inspections of our LED Modules! 100% test of every module on the assembly line. Additional test of 10% of all finished module production in our separate, in-house, quality control testing area.

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How can you ship this fast?

We have large stocks of component inventory, and the ability to produce…FAST. LED Chips - Hundreds of thousands in 5 color temperatures - in-house PCB Boards - Tens of thousands – on-the-shelf New, extremely fast, and versatile assembly equipment Trained and highly motivated USA-based employees It takes us only: 5 minutes. to change our assembly

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What are the minimum order quantities?

Minimum order quantities are 50-pieces. This can be divided up into different, stock 48/50 LED modules. (i.e. 40 of one module and 10 of another module) We ship modules in shelf packs of 10 pieces and master cartons of 50. There is a $12.00 “case breakage” fee for any one module that is shipped in

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