Who is AC Electronics?

We are a Texas-Based Lighting company and have been a trusted manufacturing supplier to some of the largest OEM’s the lighting industry since 1996.  We design and manufacture LED Modules, LED Drivers, LED Emergency Drivers, and other lighting-related products.   We began in-house SMT assembly of lighting components in 2014 and currently supply LED Modules and

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How can you turn around so fast?

Our new assembly equipment is VERY fast and VERY adaptable.  With components in stock, we can and will, reset the production line can often ship it in 48 hours We can start production on any one of our stock LED modules in 45 minutes or less! 5 minutes. to change our assembly line from one

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What is the warranty on custom LED modules?

We have a 5-year, USA-backed warranty and perform 110% inspections of our LED Modules! 100% test of every module on the assembly line. Additional test of 10% of all finished module production in our separate, in-house, quality control testing area.

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What LED PCB substrates are available?

We regularly produce LED modules with aluminum, copper, and FR-4 substrates.  We can also design and assemble modules using any number of the other less common PCB substrates. Our equipment is fast, extremely flexible, and allows us to provide our customers with service that most of our competitors can’t (or won’t).

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What are the size and shape limitations for LED modules?

Sizes We can assemble PCB’s from 14” wide to 44” long and anywhere in between. This is large enough to meet virtually any existing, or foreseeable LED module size requirements. Shapes There is virtually no limitation to the shapes that can be produced Oval, rectangular, linear, and irregular geometric shapes are not a problem

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